Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Advantages of being ugly

So everyone's talking about how being ugly is horrible and the worst thing ever. But there are some great advantages to it too: -

1) Since you know you're ugly, you put in more effort to develop other traits of your personality such as charm and humour which most people find attractive.

2) You know that whatever you have achieved is because of your hard-work and dedication and has nothing to do with your looks. If anything, you might have had to work extra hard to counter the ill-effects your looks might have created. So essentially, you totally deserve your current position of success.

3) You don't have to be worried about people flirting with you casually only to leave you heart-broken in the end. You know that if somebody seems interested then they must REALLY be interested since they care to hang out with you despite how you look. So they indeed must be interested in you as a person.

4) People are comfortable around you because they never feel inferiority complex as far as looks are concerned.

So all you ugly people out might have more than what you think! Cheer up and live your life to the fullest!