Sunday, 28 October 2012

Inferiority complex in a relationship

So did I tell you guys that I have a super handsome bf? :P We're together since 2 years now...yay!! :)

Initially when he started showing interest in me, I was very skeptical. It was hard to believe that such a handsome and smart man would be interested in someone like me. When we got together I would say a million times how I don't know why he likes me when he can get so many other prettier girls. And he would always reassure me how beautiful my personality is.

But then I realized at some point that insecurity is not sexy...confidence is. When you are confident, you are sexy and intriguing to your partner. Initially one has to feign confidence when you don't have it. The phrase "Fake it till you make it", although cliched, is really true. Once you start getting noticed, your confidence increases on its own and you no longer need to feign it. And yes, confidence makes the difference. So all you ladies and gentlemen out there who feel bad about themselves, smile and try to be confident and it will soon come to you naturally :)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Comparison with parents

I had once uploaded a picture of my parents. It's a really beautiful picture. My parents were really really good-looking when they were young. There were scores of comments on the picture and then the inevitable happened. "Are you sure you're their child?". People can be so cruel.

Another time when I showed it to somebody they comment "I'm sorry to say but your parents are more beautiful than you". Why do they have to point that out? Why can't they just say "Your parents were really good-looking" and just leave it at that? Why the fucking comparison?

I have it better than my poor brother though. He is even a bit overweight. At least my figure is quite good and in that way represents my parents' genes. But it's better to not look as good as them but be as smart as them rather than being the other way round.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

"Friends" who always comment on your appearance

I have acquaintances who live in the same building as I do. As I was entering my home, I saw one of them. She was carrying some stuff when I noticed a couple of paintings in her hand. I asked her if she made them since I know that she painted. She said "Yes" and showed them with pride. I praised her for her talent.

And what's the next thing she asks me? Why are your eyes so puffed up? You look so tired, as if you've just woken up. I smiled, said something in my defense and excused myself.

The truth is that my eyes always appear a bit puffy. Normally I wouldn't care but I wish people would let me be in that state of mind. Bitches like herself always notice too much into your appearance and are manner-less enough to comment on it. In fact, it almost tempts me to comment that she seems to have gained weight. But I cannot bring myself to make such a remark on anybody's appearance. Perhaps I should learn to do so.

Later at night I was watching a documentary on 'The string theory' when this female's friend pings me on chat. What does she have to say? "Did you check out my nail art?". It irritated me to no end for some reason. I said "No, but I'll check now" and then I checked and said "Nice". Then she's like "Then why don't you comment on it?". That's when I blew her off saying I'm not interested in these things and I gave her my opinion only because she had asked for it. Perhaps I was a bit rude but I was utterly irritated, first having been disturbed from what I was doing for a petty thing like this and secondly to pester me for a nice comment on facebook.

I think it is pathetic how some people need so much approval for their appearance but are so stingy in giving some to others.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

What's with the thinness?

So I recently visited home in India after more than a year. The very expected reaction was "My God! You've grown so thin! You've become half of what you were!".

Now if I am asked to choose between believing a naked human eye or a weighing machine, I would go with the latter, which ironically tells me that I have not lost a single pound. So what's with the comments? I have my own theory for that.

People seem to forget just how thin I am originally, i.e., their brains cannot retain the simple information of my natural state of thinness. So every time they see me, they seem to think I have lost weight. I know what is going to happen when I go back to Germany again. Same reactions and comments. I feel like putting a note on my forehead saying "I know you think I am thin so don't bother announcing it". Also it will hide some acne marks on my

I also don't understand why harassing someone on being thin is okay when it is considered totally rude to bug someone for being fat. People need to learn some manners.