Sunday, 19 February 2012

"Friends" who always comment on your appearance

I have acquaintances who live in the same building as I do. As I was entering my home, I saw one of them. She was carrying some stuff when I noticed a couple of paintings in her hand. I asked her if she made them since I know that she painted. She said "Yes" and showed them with pride. I praised her for her talent.

And what's the next thing she asks me? Why are your eyes so puffed up? You look so tired, as if you've just woken up. I smiled, said something in my defense and excused myself.

The truth is that my eyes always appear a bit puffy. Normally I wouldn't care but I wish people would let me be in that state of mind. Bitches like herself always notice too much into your appearance and are manner-less enough to comment on it. In fact, it almost tempts me to comment that she seems to have gained weight. But I cannot bring myself to make such a remark on anybody's appearance. Perhaps I should learn to do so.

Later at night I was watching a documentary on 'The string theory' when this female's friend pings me on chat. What does she have to say? "Did you check out my nail art?". It irritated me to no end for some reason. I said "No, but I'll check now" and then I checked and said "Nice". Then she's like "Then why don't you comment on it?". That's when I blew her off saying I'm not interested in these things and I gave her my opinion only because she had asked for it. Perhaps I was a bit rude but I was utterly irritated, first having been disturbed from what I was doing for a petty thing like this and secondly to pester me for a nice comment on facebook.

I think it is pathetic how some people need so much approval for their appearance but are so stingy in giving some to others.